Stress Analysis Solutions, Inc.
These are some of our recently completed
Engineering and Design Projects:

Repair of a fractured 10-Ton Boom Crane

300 Ton Pull Tester to test Slings and Rigging

1-Ton Column Mounted Jib Crane

Repair of a fractured 15 Ton Lifting Device

60 Ft. Tall Steel Spray Towers for Wetting a Coal Pile

Structural Evaluation of 20-Ton Crane Runway Structure

2-Ton Winch Base

Structural Evaluation and Repair of Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

Lifting Device for 500 lb. Locomotive Cylinder Head

150- Ton Crane Runway, Columns, & Foundations

Large Coal Handling Diverter Gate

Upgrade of a Coil Lifter from 15-Tons to 20-Tons

160-Ton Rail Puller Machine

Circular track system for Wood-yard crane, including Foundations

40-Ton x 80' Span TRDG (Top Running Double Girder) Crane System
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